The Awesome Wings of an Osprey

IMG_5391 600x144

An Osprey’s wingspan can be nearly 6 feet. Wings so long and yet so slender. Their diet is 99% fish and a family raising young–they lay 2-4 eggs–must have 5 or more fish a day to keep all the bellies full. This responsibility falls to the male.

Osprey dive for their fish and, unlike Bald Eagles who will only get their feet wet, will completely dive under the water for fish. This dive usually starts directly over the fish and can be from as high as 100 feet. Talons extend and hit the water first. They catch a fish at least every 1 in 4 dives with success rates up to 70%. On average it takes them 12 minutes to catch a fish. My fishing? Well, not even close.


And one more just for fun with a LOT of digital manipulation:

2011_04_26_0956 Osprey in flight blurred


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