Value of a Life

Tragedy knows no holiday. Children can die so suddenly, so randomly. It seems so unjust. How can God allow such horror? We know God is in control. We know He has a plan. What we definitely do not know is our or anyone else’s full part in this vast plan.

Remember the parable of the workers? For one hours work, or a full day, the workers were paid the same. Then too, we were all bought with a price–Christ paid the same price for each and every one of us. And yet, one person’s part may be 5 minutes, another’s 50 years.

How can we even attempt to put a value on someone’s life or the worth of their accomplishments–the justice or injustice of their length of time on Earth. Only God is all knowing. Only God sees the heart. Only God can see the ripple effect of each of our lives and know how it will effect every other person in the world.

In our lifetime we will never know how far reaching someones actions will ultimately become. One action from one person can have far more impact than someone else’s lifetime of actions. That is why we must leave the judgement to God. Why we must entrust all to His eternal wisdom–no matter how unjust we may perceive the event to be.


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