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Pain is an awful thing. A strange thing. Some go through life with relatively little, while others suffer an inordinate amount of pain. I think it all goes back to what we as an individual need to shape us into that perfect child of God. Right now, I’m suffering a lot of pain. God has given a tool to help with that — better living through chemistry — but still, WHY? Seems that sometimes He thinks I can bear more than I think I can. He of course is always right. And you know what? If, in my pain, I turn to God in love instead of anger, my spirit being grows and my relationship to Him grows stronger. He allows me to stand there with him. Standing side by side with the Lord God Almighty. He takes me through it and I’m so much more than I was before.

As much as we might wish it to be so, our God isn’t in the business of saving us from pain. He often does, and we praise Him for that, but many lessons are only learned through pain. Many times our character can only be molded in a fiery crucible. So we praise God when He delivers us from the pain and we praise God when He doesn’t. And we rest in Him, confident that wherever we are, whatever we are experiencing, it is exactly what we need to shape us into the child of God He wants us to be.