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Bandsaw Boxes

Bandsaw boxes are generally made from a single block of wood.  The name is derived from the tool that is used to make these boxes — the Bandsaw.  All of the cuts which form the lid, sides, and bottom — all to form a hollow box — must be made in a specific order.  Do it in the wrong order and you end up with a pile of scrap.

When you examine the completed box, you will be able to follow the wood grain all around the box, from lid to sides, around all the sides, and from the sides to the bottom.  When done well, a common reaction will be “How in the world did you do that!”

Bandsaw boxes are unique — no two will be exactly alike — and that makes them excellent gifts.  Several of these boxes were made as gifts for family and friends.  Click on the small image to view the full size version. Take me to the Gallery