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Creature Swim

Fishing, for me, almost always means trolling. There are several reasons for this. For one, the tedium of cast and retrieve fishing drives me nuts, not to mention how it wears out my arm. It would be OK if you got a hit every few casts, but you can easily go 50 casts between fish, and for some fishermen THAT would be a good day. Then there’s bait fishing. Sitting in one spot, staring at your pole, waiting for a fish to bite. Total boredom. No, trolling is for me. Constantly changing scenery, just going for a drive around the lake—well, on the lake; and you never know what will be around the next point, or in the next cove. Which is one of the prime reasons I like to troll. For me, a fishing trip is a fishing trip/photo shoot, and what better way to find a good pic than to go out and look for one. Sometimes the fishing gets in the way of the photography. Sometimes the photography gets in the way of the fishing. But hey, there’s a better than even chance that one of the two will be good on any given day. And when both hit, WOW!

Here is a collection of pictures showing some of the surprising things you can run into while trolling around the lake. There’s a lot more than fish!

The first is a very entertaining muskrat. Over and over he would dive down to the bottom and come back with a clam. Holding it in his hands, he would chew away until he got the meat, then go down for another. He almost always came back with a clam, and generally with a spot of mud on the top of his head.

059 Muskrat with Clam 4x6x180

056 Muskrat with Clam 4x6x180

049 Muskrat with Clam 4x6x180

OK, I'm taking my clam and I'm outta here!
OK, I’m taking my clam and I’m outta here!

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014 Swimming Squirrel 4x6x180
This squirrel decided a swim across the lake was a quicker way to get to the other side.

020 Swimming Squirrel 4x6x180

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IMG_1952 Deer Swimming 4x6x180
These are the only 2 deer I’ve ever seen in the water.

IMG_1967 Deer Swimming 4x6x180

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IMG_7012 American Coots swimming
The fall colors created a beautiful and very colorful reflection on the water around these American Coots.

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IMG_1614 Great Blue Heron on Dock
Yeah, I know, he isn’t swimming, but I think he’s as interested in what’s going on around the lake as I am.