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Hand Crafted Wood Candle Holders

I have a saying:  “Wood, like people, no matter how rough on the outside, can be beautiful on the inside.”  I’ve worked with some very old, weathered, ugly hedge that, as soon as you cut into it, as soon as you get below the surface, you see the beauty of the wood, just as it was when the tree was live and vibrant.  I like using this contrast in some of my woodcraft. I leave the weathered character of the surface to contrast with the polished surfaces that show the beauty of the wood’s interior.

The following pictures are of some candles I have made. They are lamp oil candles, often called confetti candles or confetti oil candles. Each one has at least one refillable lamp oil reservoir.

IMG_7354 01 blog

The extreme weathering on the outside of this Hedge wood candle represents at least 50 years of exposure to the elements since the tree died.

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