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Never Give Up

When I was much younger, I used to do some crazy stuff. I really enjoyed off road three wheeling—did it on a Honda 250 SX. I however, had just a tad more sense than this guy.

Honda 250 SX
Honda 250 SX

We were riding in a dry lake bed in Finger Lakes State Park, Columbia, Missouri. There were quite a few people riding that day, but one in particular caused us to just stop, sit back, and watch in amazement. He was riding a Suzuki QuadRacer. No Helmet, no protective gear, just jeans and a t-shirt. Like a madman, he headed his bike up this hill. Well, no, hill really isn’t the right word. It was more like the mesas in Utah. It was over 100 feet high and very steep, even at the bottom. But worse, the last 20 feet or so at the top was essentially a vertical climb. To make it onto the top you had to have enough speed at the top to push your bike into the air at least until your rear wheels cleared the top, and then hope that your arc in the air was toward the top and not away.

Suzuki QuadRacer
Suzuki QuadRacer

He did pretty good…until he lost his forward momentum. Both he and the bike quite dramatically tumbled and rolled back down the side of the hill. That should have been it, but no, he set his bike back on its wheels and immediately took off up the hill, again. And then, that’s right, he and the bike came tumbling back down the hill, again. That gave him pause. He looked at the bike, looked up the hill, looked at the bike, looked up the hill, then flipped his bike right side up and sped toward the top, again.

Amazingly, this time he made it. He however, had shown wanton disregard for his safety and for the preservation of his bike. It was totally crazy. And yet, as with many things, there is another hand. The positive that you can take away from this story is that he displayed a dogged determination to accomplish his goal.

It is with this dogged determination that we must face the trials in our lives. When we lose our forward momentum, we may crash and burn, but we get up and try again. We cannot stop when we fear we might not make it. We cannot back away just because we fear getting hurt. We cannot look at our situation and conclude that we are too exposed or unprotected to go on. We may pause to consider, but we cannot concede. We must take life as it comes, and never give up, never give in.


Value of a Life

Tragedy knows no holiday. Children can die so suddenly, so randomly. It seems so unjust. How can God allow such horror? We know God is in control. We know He has a plan. What we definitely do not know is our or anyone else’s full part in this vast plan.

Remember the parable of the workers? For one hours work, or a full day, the workers were paid the same. Then too, we were all bought with a price–Christ paid the same price for each and every one of us. And yet, one person’s part may be 5 minutes, another’s 50 years.

How can we even attempt to put a value on someone’s life or the worth of their accomplishments–the justice or injustice of their length of time on Earth. Only God is all knowing. Only God sees the heart. Only God can see the ripple effect of each of our lives and know how it will effect every other person in the world.

In our lifetime we will never know how far reaching someones actions will ultimately become. One action from one person can have far more impact than someone else’s lifetime of actions. That is why we must leave the judgement to God. Why we must entrust all to His eternal wisdom–no matter how unjust we may perceive the event to be.

Sandpaper of Life

Know that God brought you here on purpose? That it had to be His plan? That everything just seemed to fall in place? Then, oops, things suddenly didn’t seem so smooth? Every sentence is suddenly a question?

Are you familiar with sandpaper and know it’s function? There are many techniques, and God will use them all as needed. But generally it works best when the object is held still and the sandpaper does the work.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Ps 46:10

You are there on purpose. It is part of the plan. Hold still and let God work. Coarse paper for the tough work — ouch. Fine paper for the most intricate detail. Some sandpaper is so fine it doesn’t even feel like sandpaper. With its touch the surface becomes exceptionally smooth — and that is the point you must reach for the finish to look the best.

Trust Him when you place yourself in His hands. He will take you to where you need to be. Relax in His hands, and let Him do the work. It wasn’t a mistake just because things got a bit uncomfortable.