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Lessons From a Ball Diamond

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Lynn did something that I have never forgotten—and never will. It happened on a ball diamond a long time ago. Lynn was our 3rd baseman and I was the team bench warmer. Yes, that means that he was really good, and I was really not so good. I could do pretty well with a bat, but my ball handling skills were fairly non-existent. I had no arm, so the outfield was out. Ball handling was critical to first base, short stop, and third; so that is why I was a second baseman whenever I got to play.

This was a church team, playing in a local underhand softball league. I don’t remember all the circumstances leading up to this, but I was on the field, and the coach was pulling me out. It was a real bummer. I was walking toward the bench. Lynn looked at me, motioned to third base, and walked off the field ahead of me. No words—just actions. Actions say so much more.

That impressed me to no end—a lasting impression that has been with me for close to 40 years. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this one simple event that only took a few seconds to play out. I could fill the page with the list and its application. Things like principles of friendship, selflessness, importance of winning, priorities in sports, principles of coaching, the importance of the simple things, and you never know how the simplest act can affect someone for a lifetime. This article could go off into many different directions. I just want to leave it at this. I’m sure something here strikes a chord with many of you. You can take it from here. Leave a comment about the chord it strikes with you.


Time Settings

I have a bad cold today. Makes all the resting necessary from the back surgery seem a little more necessary. Thought I would catch up on a few things. So I’ve been working on WordPress settings, Facebook settings, all the while learning a bit more about both. My computer has been acting up–going slow, locking up–so I went through the program list to look for anything that shouldn’t be there. Didn’t find anything obviously wrong, but I ended up deleting a lot of old stuff I never use anymore. Programs just sitting there, taking up space, maybe even slowing things down. Was having trouble with Firefox, so I finally decided to restore it to a previous configuration–amazing how much better it’s running now.

It’s just like life. Sometimes you just need to take the time to examine your settings. How are the priorities? Got the right things turned on and the wrong things turned off? What is taking up space in your life and maybe wasting your time? Learned anything new lately? Self examination can be a lot harder than figuring out a computer problem, but just as necessary to keep everything in the proper working order.

Incredible how many things can work their way into your life, and then just end up wasting so much time. Doesn’t have to be a lot of things, could just be one thing–a bad habit can be like that. I’ve a friend who once wrote that time lost to addictions is one of the really big reasons to get rid of them. All the time spent with an addiction is time during which nothing is accomplished. Regardless of whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent, regardless of whether it’s a sin or not, look at how much more could be accomplished with our time, with our lives; how much more value we could add not only to ourselves, but the world around us, if we weren’t wasting time with ___________.